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What are the differences between the two options?

Free parking You agree your car can be rented

  • While you're away, your car is available to rent by a trusted TravelCar customer.
  • TravelCar takes care of everything: booking, payments, rental agreement and insurance.
  • When rented, your car is protected with $1 million in liability insurance and is covered against theft and physical damage.
  • You will receive payment depending on the number of miles driven by the renter.

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Paid parking If you prefer not to share your car

  • Our prices are 40 to 70% less expensive than traditional car parks.
  • Book your space online in a few clicks and save time upon arrival.
  • Your vehicle is parked and monitored in a secure parking lot.
  • Your payment is made online and is entirely secure.


Free parking $0

Paid parking from $5

Secure Parking Lot
Customer Service 24 hours a day - 7 days a week
Comprehensive insurance
Get paid
Full car wash
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